I Bought lehenga from Mirraw.com| Online Shopping Review 2 weeks ago

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Hi friends, here is my online lehenga shopping review from mirraw.com! It’s was not that great experience with shopping and with costumer service.

Lehenga Price $76.41+ $10 standard stitching (buy one get one free offer other lehenga was free which was $69.45 but we paid $10 for standard stitching so if we calculate we got 2 lehengas for $96.41)
Total 3 lehengas were$169.34

Quality is not up to the mark it’s so cheap

I called customer service on 3rd of March (morning) about all my lehenga issues they said they will let me know in 24 hrs weather they will refund or send fresh piece but I haven’t heard from them since then.

Updates: got an email they gonna refund $6.41(wow are they kidding?)

New update: after calling them 3 times and even writing a mail still no response. Only got $ 6.41refund. Very bad customer service!

Update: called them on 19th March they said there is some problem will get back to me in 24 hrs . No reply yet!

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